July Update

Kia ora koutou, and thank you so much for the various ways that you have all helped since the 9th of June, when SKP Inc lodged its appeal in the Environment Court, against the Kennedy Point Marina. This email is to update you on what we have been doing since then.

Public Meeting

On the 18th of June, SKP held a public meeting at Ostend Hall.

We explained who we were and what we were trying to achieve, which is to stop the marina at Kennedy Point. Failing that, we are hoping to negotiate conditions which would make a marina more acceptable for local people and for the environment, including Te Ao Maori. SKP said at the public meeting, that we had taken a first step but to go further we needed your help.

Amazing offers of help

At the meeting, people put their names down to help. We have a new treasurer, Allison Livingstone, we have a very talented group of people preparing an awareness raising and fundraising campaign, and we have various people with skills which we are hoping to tap into. These include someone who has worked in transport infrastructure, a planner, a weaver of rugs and many more.

Market Stall

Last Saturday, SKP began to have a small stall at the market. We will be there each Saturday morning should you wish to catch up. Currently we have pamphlets and we are raffling two rugs. These are woven from fleece recycled from the Waitakere Recycling Centre and dyed with natural dyes form local trees and plants. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. It will be drawn at the market on the 5th of August. Soon we also hope to have postcards and badges and whatever else we can come up with to promote our appeal and raise money.

The "creatives"

We have been very lucky in that a group of people who have commercial design skills, are giving their time and expertise to help us get our message out to Waiheke people. They have designed advertisements and posters which you will see in the Gulf News and around Waiheke. They are updating the SKP website and working on a Give A Little page. We are really grateful for their professionalism and hard work and the fun and productive meetings.

Our legal campaign

Our barrister is taking our case forward for us and we think he is doing a great job. Currently we are beginning a process with the Court involving negotiation and mediation. Should those processes not produce any results then we will proceed to the hearing, if there is sufficient funding available. Currently we have funds for preparation and up to the end of mediation. SKP will be applying to the Environmental Legal Assistance Fund for a grant but we will still need a considerable amount of extra funding to take the appeal to its conclusion.

Donations and fundraising

SKP needs your donations and fundraising efforts to take our appeal forward.
You can donate:

  • at our Give A Liitle page, https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/savekennedypoint
  • on the SKP website http://skp.org.nz
  • or Kiwibank: 38-9018-0812104-00

If you would like to help with fundraising please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (David Baigent, SKP Chairperson) or ring Kathryn Ngapo 372-3396 and leave a message. If you could organise a musical event or a theatre evening or an art auction or a celebrity function or a cake stall or any fundraiser, or if you or a friend would like to give a large donation - we would be happy to hear from you.

s274 Submissions and liability

Thank you to those of you who sent an s274 submission to the court. Some of you have subsequently inquired because you are worried that you may now be liable for costs. We emailed our barrister about this and he replied: "It is very unusual for costs to be awarded against s274 parties, although it is impossible to say with certainty that costs would not be awarded. My preference is for SKP to run a focused and efficient case, and to engage objectively in discussions about potential settlement, which is the best way to mitigate against a potential costs award."

It has always been our intention to run an informed and focused case, to take part in mediation and mitigation matters, and to represent our case sincerely. That this lessens the risk of costs is an added bonus. The purpose of SKP is to appeal the marina in court and in the interests of justice the court has a need for groups to appeal for the public good. We will do our best to represent the community interest responsibly. For more information about costs, here is a link to the Environment Court website. http://www.environmentguide.org.nz/rma/environment-court/costs/

Should you feel vulnerable regarding costs, it will not substantially affect our case if you wish to withdraw your s274 notice and you must choose what you feel is right for you. We hope this is helpful.

Mediation Discussions

SKP Inc. was incorporated with 18 start-up members. We will be inviting those members to a special meeting to get some feedback on their bottom line for mediation. We understand that the Court mediation meeting is currently expected to take place in August.

Hope and determination and commitment

Isn't it hope that drives us to do so many things we otherwise would not attempt? We hope that our appeal will be successful but can't give you any guarantees. The Matiatia Marina was unique - no other marina development that we know of in New Zealand, has been turned down in the Environment Court. To fight a marina requires expertise, determination, commitment and money - it's not easy. Thank you for supporting us on this journey.

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou.

David Baigent, Thomas Greve, Kathryn Ngapo, Lynette Reed, Allison Livingstone (The committee SKP Inc.)